Lucius, bard.

I create cultural content that revives our eternal culture.

I also work as a web developer.

This website is the official online shop for Bards in Exile & my other projects.

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About me

Lucien, born in 1990 in Switzerland. I am working as a web developer (WordPress, PHP and system administration), and I am writing music and texts, and sing in a choir during my free time.

Since 2019 I have a one-man musical project, Bards in Exile, in which I manage everything from A to Z : composition, singing, mastering, graphical elements and illustrations, lyrics and translation, music sheet, dedicated website, publishing on YouTube, Bandcamp, or Spotify.

I spent large periods of time in Hungary between 2018 and 2023, by cultural interest for Central Europe. I am passionate about ancient music, history, geography, free and open-source software, and video making. I speak French as a native language, English at a good level, German and Hungarian at a conversational level.

As far as I remember, I was always used to having a computer mouse in hand and a piano or synthesizer keyboard below my fingers, and I used these tools for various creations. My two main sources of inspiration are the heroic-fantasy universes (books or MP3 podcasts) and niche music bands of various genres: metal, rock, folk revival, medieval, neoclassical, and more recently synthwave.

Contact me !

Aside from my part-time regular job, I may sometimes be available here and there. Then I can offer you my services for website creation or editing, graphic work, video editing, or any kind of work related to audio (digitization of CD, K7 or vinyls), music sheet creation, etc. I can also teach you about these topics. I favor people close to my network and contacts by word-of-mouth, but you can try your luck. carteblanche [at] tutamail [dot] com